Tench and Crucian Pond

This pond is under construction and cannot be fished.
But will only contain Tench and confirmed Crucian Carp.

Probably opening in April 2019 if landscaping is finished.

4th February 2018

29th January 2018

500 new tench stocked today into the tench/crucian pond at Yaddlethorpe, all are approx 7-8”.absolutely stunning fish from Alan Henshaw and his team at Calverton fish farm.

1st September 2017

Christmas came early yesterday at Yaddlethorpe,with this delivery of 150 perfect little bars of gold from Calverton. these are 100% pure dna tested Norfolk strain Crucians and have been stocked into the new tench/crucian pond, which will be opening next spring.

Please see the rules page for bait and net restrictions.

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