Club Rules

  1. All anglers must be in possession of a current national rod licence.

  2. Members shall produce their membership books and rod licence to any club bailiff, environment agency officer, police officer or any of the fishery owners or their agents on demand.

  3. Members may be accompanied at any club fishery by any guest named on their club permit.

  4. Guests of members must be either their partner/spouse or a child/young person under the age of 18 over whom the member has a degree of parental responsibility.

  5. All guests must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult member who is responsible for their care, behavior and well being.

  6. Night fishing is only allowed at permitted club fisheries with the additional night permit.

  7. No overnight camping is allowed.

  8. No fires are to be lit on the banks, no firearms. unless authorized by the committee.

  9. Barbless hooks must be used at all still-waters, micro barbed hooks are permitted on running waters and single barbed trebles are allowed for the mounting of dead baits.

  10. No cat or dog meat or any type of nut bait is to be used.

  11. No live bait

  12. Dogs are not allowed at any of the fisheries controlled by the club except for waters open to the general public, ie; river and canal banks.

  13. No keepnets on any still water.

  14. All fish caught must be returned safely and unharmed.

  15. No fish are to be killed, removed or transferred between ponds.

  16. Unhooking mats must be used. no fish is to be placed directly on to the ground.

  17. Anglers must be in possession of the appropriate equipment at all times, a landing net for example.

  18. Vehicles are to be parked with due regard for access by others.

  19. The club accepts no responsibility for any damage to, or theft from any vehicle parked at the fisheries. any vehicle parked at the venues is entirely at the owners risk.

  20. All gates must be kept locked and the combination number scrambled after entering or leaving a fishery.

  21. Gate combination numbers are not to be given out to non members.

  22. Anglers are only allowed to fish from 1 designated peg/platform.

  23. A maximum of 2 rods is allowed per adult member and 1 rod per child under 12 years of age. rod butts must be no more than 3 metres apart.


Venue specific rules

Yaddlethorpe ponds
No drugs or alcohol.
No cycling around the complex.


Lady pitt farm
No keep nets below the wier.


The committee reserve the right to add, remove or amend the above rulesĀ at any time.