1. No Keepnets.

2. When landing and unhooking fish if anglers do not deal with fish in the landing net and are more comfortable dealing with the fish on the bank an unhooking mat must be used.

3. No drugs or alcohol.

4. No fish to be moved without fishery manager’s permission ?

5. barbless hooks only, We do accept the single barbed trebles used by some pike anglers, where the barbed hook is used only to mount the dead bait.

6. No litter to be left on the bank.

7. Night fishing only on Match and North ponds.

8. No camping.

9. A total ban on dogs.

10. All landing nets, stink bags and unhooking mats must be completely air dried between fishery visits.

11. Anglers are now only allowed to fish from one designated peg or station at the fishery.

12. A maximum of 2 rods per angler at any one time and rod butts must not be more than 3 metres apart.

13. There is a total ban on the use of ‘livebait’.

14. All anglers must be in possession of a current National Rod Licence.

15. Members shall produce membership cards to any club bailiff, other member, Environment Agency Officer, Police Officer or any of the Fisheries owners or their agents on demand.

16. Guests of members must be either their partner or spouse, or a child/young person
under 18 years of age over whom the member has a degree of parental responsibility.

17. All guests must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult
who is responsible for their care and well-being.

18. No form of nut baits or dog/cat meat shall be used.

19. All fish caught must be returned safely and unharmed to the water.

20. No fish are to be killed or removed.

21. Vehicles are to be parked with due regard for access by others.

22. The club accepts no responsibility for any damage to, or thefts from any vehicle parked at the fishery, and any vehicle parked at the venue is entirely at the owner’s risk.

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